FastCRE licenses some of our images under Creative Commons. We would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their contributions, and wish to express our appreciation for their work:

♦ Jason Kuffer (image of New York Times building)
♦ Ken Lund (image of Reno)
♦ André-Pierre du Plessis (image of Bloomberg ticker)
♦ Ron Reiring (image of Spokane)
♦ Basil D. Soufi (image of Riverside, CA)
♦ Ervins Strauhmanis (image of US$100 bills)
♦ Shinya Suzuki (image of coffee cup/ Wall Street Journal)
♦ Tiffany Von Arnim (image of Seattle)
♦ Wikimedia (images of Idaho sign, Indianapolis, Kansas City, downtown Los Angeles, NPR building, New Jersey Turnpike, Newport Beach, Phoenix, Portland, Reuters sign)